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New Album TARKABARKA is on its way!!

Ahead of our Album Launch on the 2nd June, enjoy our single Dimineata on the 19th May with our brand new video!! Available on Bandcamp, Spotify and Itunes.

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Some lovely reviews of our first album, Yedi Kedi:

Leonid Auskern in JazzQuad in Russia:


"Balamuc... unique in many ways, thanks to the original new arrangements, the brilliant timbre of the sound and the energy that shines through in every note of their music... Motley like a geographical map of Eastern Europe, bright like the traditional outfits of the local girls and invariably positive, like the nature of the eternal gypsy wanderers - this is the Yedi Kedi album, which is difficult for a true lover of ethnic music to pass by." 


Marija Vitas in Serbia from World Music Association: 

"....Through eight songs, the young band Balamuc (founded in 2018) takes us on an impressive journey through the traditions of Ukraine, Macedonia, Romania (with an emphasis on Transylvania), Albania, and through the inevitable Roma heritage."



"...Hailing from Eastern Europe and elsewhere, the members of Balamuc joined forces in London where they have produced this musical tour of the Balkans and surrounding areas. Starting off with a Ukrainian wedding dance, they move through Macedonia, Albania, Hungary and Romania, taking in Transylvania along the way. Throughout the album there is a strong Gypsy aesthetic signposted with a version of the Romani anthem, ‘Gelem Gelem’. ....guaranteed to get the dance floor whirling. " 

Available at ITunes, Bandcamp, Spotify!



Behind the Music

Balamuc are a unique collective of experienced musicians, with 7 members from countries in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Their music originates from Eastern Europe but stretches way beyond the usual confines of their genre. They aren’t afraid to step into new territory

(from Romania to Hungary via Transylvania!).

Although renowned for their fierce violin and heartfelt melodies,

Balamuc are best known as their life affirming, uplifting party

spirit and boundless energy. The 7-piece band features Agnes Branner on violin and vocals, Marie Faucher on clarinet, Alison Geasure on cello, Jon Clayton on double bass, Luke Tremlett on guitar, Semra Bulut on darbuka and Seppi on drums.

Balamuc has established itself as

one of the leading Gypsy folk bands on the live scene today.

With the name translating to "House of insane’ don’t expect to stay

in your seat!

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