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Aggie - violin  & lead vocal

Aggie has been the singer and violinist of many gypsy and Balkan bands in London, including London Gypsy Orchestra and Ygra.  Her passion for the music of her native Hungary is a key part of Balamuc’s sound.  

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Semra- percussions & vocals   

With her Turkish folk music background, Semra is a wizard in the use of complex time signatures and her work with the Bulgarian choir brings an added flavour to the band’s vocal sound. 

Alison - cello

Introduced to gypsy music through LGO, Irish born music teacher Alison has immersed herself in the Balkan music scene and was a welcome addition to Balamuc.

Jon  - double bass 

A talented recording engineer and multiple instrumentalist, Jon has toured the world with various bands and been integral in the production of countless Eps and albums over his 25-year career. 

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Marie  - clarinet 

With a background in the traditional French music of her home country, Marie also specialises in Italian and Algerian music. After meeting Aggie she joined Balamuc and added a new reed to her clarinet. She is also passionate about circus traditions and brings her theatrical sensibilities and sense of fun to our live performances.


Luke - guitar

Luke comes from a musical family, with a background in blues and jazz. Originally from New Zealand and an archeologist by day, he has spent the last three years in London digging through the European music scene.  


Paul - drums 

Paul is a multi-instrumentalist, drummer, percussionist, guitarist and singer. He first fell in love with Balkan music in the 90s when he watched Emir Kusturica's 'Time of the Gypsies' film. A founder member of Yaaba Funk and also having toured with Trinidadian poet Anthony Joseph, Paul has a love of African and Caribbean music, which he brings to the mix.

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